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Syngenta Seedcare

Successful crop protection starts with seeds, the essence of life. Today’s seeds offer a broad range of varieties that give undisputed advantages to the growers. Seed breeders and growers invest significant amounts of money into these technologies. Ensuring this investment is best protected while exposed in soil to diseases, insect pests, nematodes or abiotic stresses (e.g. drought), seed treatments are critical to protect the genetic potential of high value seeds.

To address these challenges, Syngenta Seedcare offers an industry leading product portfolio based on its world-class research, product development and support capabilities. We call it a three-pillar offer P.A.S. (Products – Application – Services) which delivers value to our customers BEYOND SEED PROTECTION™.


Apron XL


Cruiser 70ws

Fortenza Duo

Active ingredient


(ISO-name: Metalaxyl-M)



Cyantraniliprole+ Thiamethoxam

Mode of action

Apron XL® is a seed applied fungicide which provides systemic protection at ultralow application rates.

Apron XL is rapidly taken up by the seed & distributed within the plant after germination. Apron XL is re-adsorbed from the soil by the root hairs to provide protection against root rots.


Apron XL inhibits the RNA synthesis, mycelial growth, spore formation and zoospore release.

DIVIDEND® is a high-performance, broad spectrum seed applied fungicide.

It has systemic action. Dividend penetrates into the seed and is also able to control deep-seated pathogens like wheat loose smut whose inoculum is located in the embryo.


It acts by inhibition of the C-14 demethylation during ergosterol synthesis (i.e. a DMI fungicide)

CRUISER® 70 WS is rapidly taken up by the imbibing seed, leading to very high concentrations of the compound in the cotyledons.

Cruiser 70 WS is released from the seeds to the soil and is taken up by the roots of the seedling then rapidly translocated throughout the plant.

FORTENZA® Duo is a seed applied insecticide. It is quickly taken up by the roots & moves upward in the plant through the xylem system, hence controlling a broad range of above ground insects.

 The product is also distributed into the soil around the root zone forming a bulb of protection against below ground insects.

FORTENZA® Duo provides excellent crop protection resulting from a rapid feeding inhibition and long lasting residual effect


Seed and soil-borne diseases caused by Oomycetes which includes Pythium, Phytophthora, Peronospora, Plasmopara and other downy mildews

Dividend is used to control a broad spectrum of important seed borne and soil borne diseases and some early foliar pathogens of cereals, including Ustilago nuda (Loose smut)

CRUISER® provides broad-spectrum control of a wide range of early-season sucking and chewing, leaf-feeding and soil-dwelling insect pests, including Aphids, Green leaf hopper, Thrips, whiteflies, Termite, Jassids, Shootfly.

Its high level of systemicity offers long-lasting protection while providing consistent performance.

Fortenza Duo is a Broad Spectrum Seed Applied Insecticide (SAI) for the control of early season insect chewing and sucking pests.
Fortenza Duo is a systemic seed treatment Insecticide and is recommended for its use to control Cutworms, Stemborer, Shootfly and aphids in corn.

Main crops and

dose/kg of seed

Corn @ 2.4 ml/kg of seed

Mustard @ 3.5 ml/kg of seed

Pearl [email protected] 2 ml/ kg of seed

 Sorghum @ 2 ml/kg of seed

Sunflower @ 2 ml/ kg of seed

Chili, @ 2ml/ kg of seed

Tomato @ 2ml/kg of  Seed

Wheat @ 2gm/kg of seed

Rice @1.5 gm/kg of seed

Wheat @ 1.75 gm/kg of seed

Corn  @ 3.5 gm/kg of seed

Sunflowers @ 4/gm/kg of seed

Cotton @ 4.3 gm/kg of seed

 Okra  @ 2.86 gm/kg of seed

Tomato @ 6 gm/kg of seed

Corn @ 4 ml/kg of seed

Advantages and main benefits

  • APRON® XL has outstanding activity against Pythium damping off and early downy mildew infections.
  • APRON® XL provides fast and uniform crop establishment along with excellent crop safety.
  • APRON® XL has a very low use rate: suitable for source applications.
  • DIVIDEND® has outstanding efficacy against major seed & soil borne diseases on cereals. Unique activity against Loose Smut in wheat.
  • DIVIDEND®  results in better root development for a healthy crop establishment due to efficient utilization of nutrients
  • DIVIDEND® provides excellent crop safety.
  • CRUISER® provides Long-lasting control of a broad spectrum of sucking insects. Reliable performance under a wide-range of growing conditions.
  • CRUISER® results in strong crop vigor to maximize yield potential.
  •  CRUISER® Commercially applied by the seed companies to conveniently replace older chemistries for soil & foliar insecticide applications.
  • FORTENZA® DUO is best-in-class early-season insect control for both above and below the ground. It has long-lasting residual effect with dual mode of action with no known cross-resistance.
  • FORTENZA® DUO is strong root uptake and highly systemic in the xylem hence resulting in efficient movement around and within the plant.
  • FORTENZA® DUO Maximizes return on investment via early season insect control, maintaining plant stand, excellent crop establishment, resulting in greater yield potential.