Why Syngenta

Syngenta is a a global company headquartered in Switzerland and operations around the world. Our culture is diverse and inclusive, and our work is meaningful and rewarding.

Our business has two divisions, Crop Protection and Seeds, which are focused on providing leading innovations that bring value to our customers.

We help famers grow healthy and affordable food, provide commercial flower growers with wonderful garden blooms that brighten our world, and care for public health with our solutions for professional pest managers. From helping to feed the world sustainably to keeping people safe, we work with a variety of professionals across the value chain to make people’s lives better. Our work [really] matters.

Our name, Syngenta, has two distinct roots: ‘Syn’ stems from Greek. It reflects synergy and synthesis, integration, and consolidating strength. ‘Genta’ relates to humanity and individuals. It stems from Latin word ‘gens’, for people or community. Syngenta means ‘Bringing People Together’.

Celebrating Women in Science

Dr. Pooja Devi, Breeder - Germplasm Development Corn for Syngenta India  is based in Hyderabad and has been with  Syngenta for two years now. Pooja brings her passion and positivity to the team and feels excited when she is out learning more about how she can make a difference in our farmers lives.

Dr. Lovelin Kaushal comes from Orrisa, PhD in Genetics and biotechnology, and currently works with Syngenta India as a Seed Bank Specialist. Lovelin uses her scientific mind while she prepares her meals for her family too, being true to Syngenta and bringing food to the plate! 

Mohana Priya D, Masters in Plant Biotechnology has been working in Syngenta for the past 6 years.  She enjoys her work and relaxes with your 12 year old son, creating the balance.  Her passion for science was ignited at a young age and recalls how her school teacher was instrumental in fueling the fire for science.