Seeds Field Crops

Syngenta Field Crops is a leading developer and producer of seeds for farmers, commercial growers, retailers, and small seed companies.

We offer a broad portfolio of crops, with strengths in Corn, Rice, Wheat and Sunflower. Our R&D brings together scientists, seed breeders and data analysis experts who combine mathematics, genetics, physiology, and agronomy to create seeds tailored to help farmers grow crops more effectively in the face of increasingly complex challenges.

Our scientists constantly improve seeds through breeding plants to enhance precise characteristics. We work not only in our own labs but also in partnership with universities, research institutes and other companies.

Working in partnership with more than 400 universities, research institutes and commercial organizations, we are constantly embracing collaboration and industry cooperation to tackle the agricultural challenges facing our planet. Innovation, sustainability and growth – these are what the business strives for every day to ensure farmers have the best quality seeds to help feed the world.