HSE Management

The Syngenta purpose and values and Code of Conduct give a clear statement of our commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE). As a leading global company committed to sustainable agriculture, we have a responsibility to protect the environment, and to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers and the communities in which we operate. Our HSE performance also plays a key part in developing and protecting our reputation with all our stakeholders.

Strong HSE practices are central to the way we operate and meeting the Syngenta HSE Standards is therefore a core responsibility of every leader in our company. However, we can only fully achieve a safe and healthy working environment throughout our company if every employee, in every location, also takes personal responsibility for meeting our HSE Standards.

HSE Strategy

Syngenta has a robust HSE strategy, which focuses on:

  • Achieve leading performance in HSE
  • Providing industry leading policies and management systems
  • Maintaining the highest standards in process safety and manufacturing
  • Driving improvements in the HSE performance of key suppliers
  • Maintaining highly efficient HSE risk management processes
  • Controlling liabilities through proactive management using third party guidelines
  • Managing external expectations by integrating high standards in both performance and reporting.

HSE Policy and standards

Everyone is responsible for their own health and safety at Syngenta, and we have a Group HSE Policy and Standards document to guide them. The Policy outlines our expectation that employees will take responsible management into consideration in all their activities, from product development to use and beyond. Our production sites are audited regularly to monitor HSE management and performance. We also conduct HSE risk assessments of our suppliers.

Key HSE initiatives

  1. Implementation of the new HSE Management System with Plan, Do, Check and Act approach for continuous improvement, leader led to actively inculcate the right culture
  2. Strengthen Drive For Life (driver and rider safety initiatives) and monitor through effective tools and messages
  3. HSE audits of Tolling and Logistics Service Provider as per the schedule
  4. Effective networking to reinforce HSE through messages and initiatives across functions