Board of Directors

Syngenta India Private Limited

Syngenta India Private Limited  is engaged in the business of manufacturing and trading agro chemicals and processing seeds.  The company manufactures active ingredients and formulates pesticides, herbicides and fungicides and processes field crop and vegetable seeds.

Susheel Kumar

Managing Director


Meenal Maheshwari

Whole Time Director and Head of Finance


Dr. Madhvanand Kashid

Whole Time Director

Syngenta Biosciences Pvt Ltd

Syngenta Biosciences Private Limited is engaged in providing research and technology services.

Dr. Bhanu Manjunath Narayan

Whole Time Director

Dr. Rajendra Hosmani

Whole time Director

Devgen Seeds & Crop Technology Pvt Ltd

Devgen Seeds and Crop Technology Private Limited is engaged in carrying, growing, breeding, buying, processing, distribution and trading of seeds.

Sudip Ghosh


Rongali Surya Rao


Syngenta Services Pvt Ltd

Syngenta Services Private Limited is engaged in providing business support services to its affiliate Companies in terms of finance, human resource, information systems and business processes.


Abhishek Agarwal

Whole Time Director


Tarun Bhalla


Syngenta Foundation India

Syngenta Foundation India's main object is to promote sustainable agriculture by providing aid and managing projects utilizing scientific knowledge, contributions and analysis as  well as by facilitating access to information relevant to the development of agriculture and enhancement of nutrition.

Sudhirkumar Goel


Dr. Ravi Karungulam Chandrasekharan


S Baskar Reddy

Whole Time Director