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Purpose and Values

Our business is helping the world’s growers to increase crop quality and yields, to feed an ever-growing population. World-class science, deep understanding of growers’ needs and continuous innovation have made us one of the world’s leading companies.

Now, to help feed an extra 2 billion people by 2050, we’ve set our sights even higher. Our Good Growth Plan commits us to help grow more food using fewer resources while protecting nature and helping people in rural communities live better lives. And at the same time, we’re making our own operations more sustainable.

We have collectively accomplished a great deal since our creation in 2000. We have built one of the world’s leading companies and established a strong reputation. In 2011 we initiated a further step change by introducing a new strategy, integrating our crop protection and seeds businesses, and establishing global functions.

We are passionate about our purpose. It inspires and guides our work, and aligns our effort across the world. Our ambition defines our contribution and helps teams achieve something that may seem impossible. Our eight crop teams shape the strategy for each crop, determining the focus of our resource allocation.

To achieve our bold ambition, we need to build and deepen our leadership capabilities in order to equip ourselves with skills that will lift us to a new level of personal and organizational capability.

What we create

Products, Services and solutions

  • Return on investment for growers and shareholders
  • Food, feed, fuel and fiber
  • Sustainable intensification of agriculture to provide food security
  • Grower and customer satisfaction
  • Sustainable production
  • Development of our people and partners along the value chain
  • Economic value shared with employees, suppliers, governments and communities
  • Collective wellbeing of communities
  • Stimulating research and sharing knowledge