Fortenza Duo

A revolutionary seed treatment technology.

Fortenza Duo is a broad spectrum seed applied insecticide that secures the plant stand by protecting the seed from early season chewing and sucking pests. 

• Class: Seed Applied Insecticide
• Registrant: Syngenta India Ltd
• Composition: Cyantraniliprole + Thiamethoxam
• Target crops: Corn
• Target pests: Fall Armyworm, Cutworm, Stem Borer, Shootfly, Aphids
• Available packs: 32 ml, 20 ltr...

Secures plant stand

Secures plant stand by giving early protection from sucking and chewing pests.

Robust start to the plant

It provides a robust start to the crop through excellent crop establishment.

Foundation for better yields

It provides excellent crop protection resulting from a rapid feeding inhibition.

Get the Fortenza Duo advantage

Fortenza® Duo is a seed applied insecticide. It is quickly taken up by the roots & moves upward in the plant through the xylem system, hence controlling a broad range of above ground insects. Fortenza® Duo is also distributed into the soil around the root zone forming a bulb of protection against below ground insects. Fortenza® Duo provides excellent crop protection resulting from a rapid feeding inhibition and long lasting residual effect.

When and how?

• Time of application: Seed treatment
• Dose for Fall Armyworm: 6 ml/kg
• Dose for Stem Borer, Cutworm, Shootfly and Aphids: 4 ml/kg

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