Provides early protection to seed and seedlings.

Dividend is a high performance, systemic and broad spectrum seed applied fungicide. Dividend not only provides unmatched control of loose smut but also helps in early and healthy crop establishment leading to better yield and higher returns

Class: Seed Applied Fungicide
Registrant: Syngenta India Private Limited
Composition: Difenoconazole (3% WS)
Target crops: Wheat

Healthy crop establishment

Better root development and efficient utilization of nutrients

Faster crop emergence and uniform plant stand

Healthy and robust start to Wheat crop

Broad-spectrum disease control

Manages seed borne and soil borne diseases


What makes Dividend unique:

• Protectant, penetrant and systemic activity 
• Sustained systemic release offering better protection 
• Unique ability to penetrate & reach inoculum lying deep within the seed tissues


• Mix 2gram Dividend per kg of seed in 10-20 ml water and make a slurry.
• Mix the slurry well till the mixture is uniform.
• Sprinkle a small quantity of the slurry over the grains and mix the grains properly. Follow and repeat this process till the slurry exhausts a uniform coating of Dividend is formed.

Disclaimer: Slurry volume depends on the method of application