Cruiser seed treatment turns ordinary to extraordinary. 

Cruiser 350 FS is a concept for seed treatment; that apart from providing control of sucking insects in early crop stages it causes bioactivation in seeds which results in enhanced germination, increased vigor hence higher production potential.

Class: Seed applied Insecticide
Registrant: Syngenta India Private Limited
Composition: Thiamethoxam 30%FS
Target crops: Corn, Soyabean and Cotton

Controls Sucking Pests

Manages early season sucking pests- Shootfly and stemfly

Imparts Vigor

Provides vigorous and robust start to the seedling

Manages Stress

Helps to manage abiotic stress in the early stages


Cruiser 350 FS to be applied as seed treatment.
Soyabean: 6-8 ml/Kg
Corn: 6-8 ml/Kg
Cotton: 8-10 ml/Kg