Core Function

If you are experiencing any seed treatment challenges related to Chemicals clogs/clumps, Rub-off, Dust off & ununiform coating? If yes, you need to look into your treatment Recipe!

Our experts in recipe development focus on the compatibility of various mixing partners of the recipe. we guarantee optimal performance of base recipes across the market. We also work on improving differentiated additives to be combined with those solutions.


What we do


  • Optimized for coverage, dust-off, abrasion and seed flow.

  • Recipes customized for your local needs. 

  • Compatibility testing with various chemistries and micronutrients 



How customers benefit

  • Seed coverage: The seeds are uniformly coated to give the best visual appearance

  • Minimal dust: Dust is reduced as much as possible by good recipe design and application process

  • Accurate AI loading: Each seed is treated with the right amount of active ingredient

  • Low rub-off: The seed looks as good on the farm as it does right after treatment

  • Seed flow: For easy bagging and transfer to planting equipment

  • Easy planting: Good seed flow with no build-up and accurate seed placement in precision planters and seed drills

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