Core Function

If you are experiencing any seed treatment challenges related to Stickiness, Poor seed flowability, Treatment build-up issues inside treater walls & high variations in Active Ingredient dosages, then you need to pay attention for Application of your recipe.

We test the best product combinations and application processes to establish clear guidelines on equipment and process parameters. The physical quality parameters of many seeds are tested along the way with a range of tools developed to ensure our customers enjoy season-long, highest output standards.


What we do


  • Equipment consultancy and partnership with manufacturers for new installations or upgrades

  • Onsite and remote support for introduction of new products and in season calibration  

  • Support for large or small, fixed and mobile operations 



How customers benefit


  • Easy and cost-effective selection of the latest technology 

  • Peace of mind from smooth operations throughout the treating season 

  • Throughput efficiency maximized 


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