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Fortenza Duo (Cyantraniliprole +Thiamethoxam)

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FORTENZA® Duo is a seed applied insecticide. It is quickly taken up by the roots & moves upward in the plant through the xylem system, hence controlling a broad range of above ground insects.
The product is also distributed into the soil around the root zone forming a bulb of protection against below ground insects.
FORTENZA® Duo provides excellent crop protection resulting from a rapid feeding inhibition and long lasting residual effect

  • FORTENZA® DUO is best-in-class early-season insect control for both above and below the ground. It has long-lasting residual effect with dual mode of action with no known cross-resistance.  Its strong root uptake and highly systemic in the xylem hence results in efficient movement around and within the plant. It maximizes return on investment via early season insect control, maintaining plant stand, excellent crop establishment, resulting in greater yield potential.

  • Main crops and dose/kg of seed: Corn @ 4 ml/kg of seed

  • Targets: Fortenza Duo is a Broad Spectrum Seed Applied Insecticide (SAI) for the control of early season insect chewing and sucking pests. Fortenza Duo is a systemic seed treatment Insecticide and is recommended for its use to control Cutworms, Stemborer, Shootfly and aphids in corn.