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Apron XL (Mefenoxam)

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Apron XL® is a seed applied fungicide which provides systemic protection at ultra low application rates.
It is rapidly taken up by the seed & distributed within the plant after germination. Apron XL is re-adsorbed from the soil by the root hairs to provide protection against root rots.
It inhibits the RNA synthesis, mycelial growth, spore formation and zoospore release.

  • APRON® XL has outstanding activity against Pythium damping off and early downy mildew infections.  It provides fast and uniform crop establishment along with excellent crop safety. APRON® XL's low use rate make it suitable for source applications.

  • Main crops & dose per kilogram(kg) of seed

    • Corn @ 2.4 ml/kg of seed

    • Mustard @ 3.5 ml/kg of seed

    • Pearl [email protected] 2 ml/ kg of seed

    •  Sorghum @ 2 ml/kg of seed

    • Sunflower @ 2 ml/ kg of seed

    • Chili, @ 2ml/ kg of seed

    • Tomato @ 2ml/kg of  Seed

  • Target: ​Seed and soil-borne diseases caused by Oomycetes which includes Pythium, Phytophthora, Peronospora, Plasmopara and other downy mildews