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Dividend (Difenoconazole)

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DIVIDEND® is a high-performance, broad spectrum seed applied fungicide.
It has systemic action. Dividend penetrates into the seed and is also able to control deep-seated pathogens like wheat loose smut whose inoculum is located in the embryo.
It acts by inhibition of the C-14 demethylation during ergosterol synthesis (i.e. a DMI fungicide)

  • DIVIDEND® has outstanding efficacy against major seed & soil borne diseases on cereals. Unique activity against Loose Smut in wheat. This results in better root development for a healthy crop establishment due to efficient utilization of nutrients.  DIVIDEND® provides excellent crop safety.

  • Main crops and dose/kilogram of seed

    • ​​​Wheat @ 2gm/kg of seed

  • Targets: Dividend is used to control a broad spectrum of important seed borne and soil borne diseases and some early foliar pathogens of cereals, including Ustilago nuda (Loose smut)