Day 9: Aland, Golegaon, Pahur – A Firecracking Welcome in Jalgaon District

Drone Yatra 2022

As we move forward in our 10,000 kms journey of Syngenta Drone Yatra, we have experienced moments that have blown our mind, in a good way. The energy with which the field team has been working to make this journey a success has been more than overwhelming. Our welcome to Pahur, Jalgaon was no different, but let’s start from the beginning.

Our first destination for the day was Aland, a humble cotton farm of one of the leading farmers in the region. Knowing our presence in the location, a local science college arrived at the location to know more about the drone and how it works. It was exciting to watch the young minds experience the drone first hand. We had a good turnout at the location with the farmers super excited to avail our drone spray services. Some of them were even eager to avail it right there and then, which was amazing, knowing once we launch, there is going to be tremendous response from the growers.

We then moved to our next location in Golegaon. We halted at one of our major distributor’s location. It allowed us an opportunity to showcase our Syngenta products as well, some of which have recently received a label claim extension for drone use. Our demonstration was a raging success, post which we answered a lot of questions from the growers and retailers. It was encouraging to witness our Syngenta distributors and retailers network interested in the drone spray services and are looking forward to partner with us as service providers in the region for Syngenta.

Post Golegaon, we caught a high gear and moved towards Pahur. We were moving out of Aurangabad district, towards Jalgaon which was our third location for the day. When we entered Pahur, a lot of people were awaiting our arrival with flowers and in a celebratory mode. A small prayer and offering to the deity followed, post which we made our way to the farm for the demonstration. A lot of dignitaries of the region were present on the occasion, eagerly waiting for the drone to fly and showcase its prowess.

We had a wonderful demonstration and the crowd was left in awe. We also had some female representation among the growers, a very positive sign for us, knowing that we do have diversity in our agriculture ecosystem and the women are also major drivers in agriculture here. We continue our Drone Yatra for two more days in Maharashtra before moving towards Madhya Pradesh really soon. Stay tuned for more.