Day 10: Khedi, Takharkheda, Shirpur – Jalgaon, You Won our Heart!

Drone Yatra 2022

Our Drone Yatra moved from Jalna district to Jalgaon yesterday and the journey continued today as we moved towards Dhule. We covered Khedi, Takarkheda and Shirpur on the way to the day’s halt, covering three demonstrations. But what we had in store was something we were not expecting at all.

The news of Syngenta Drone Yatra had reached all the nearby farmers as well as the region’s government officials. They wanted to witness it first hand and had informed us of their presence in Khedi. The officials present at the first event of the day were Mr Anil Bhakare, Superintendent Agriculture Officer and Agriculture Development Officer, Mr Vaibhav Shinde. With the news of government officials’ presence at the event, media followed too. Multiple regional teams of national media houses also attended the event to capture the moments and cover the story.

After a successful and grand event, our Drone Yatra moved to Takharkheda, Chopda where the region’s Agriculture Officer, Mr Deepak Salunke was already at the location, waiting to receive us. He was very curious about the drones and how they function, and was eagerly waiting for the demonstration. We gave him a tour of the Experience Center, post which the demonstration was conducted. A lot of farmers had gathered at the location who were excited and opined about how they want the Drone Spray Service to start as soon as possible.

We moved forward to the third location in Dhule region, Shirpur. A lot of farmers who attended the event were already Syngenta customers and their questions majorly revolved around the products that they can use along with the Drone. Our team guided them about our products which have received a label extension by the government body for Drone usage.

Our Drone Yatra will be covering location in an around Dhule tomorrow, which is also going to be our last day in Maharashtra. After an extensive Maharashtra leg, we will be pushing off to Madhya Pradesh to wow some more farmers with our Drone demonstrations. Stay tuned!