Day 11: KVK Dhule, Parola, Chalisgaon – Finishing Maharashtra Leg with a Bang!

Drone Yatra 2022

We are finally at the end of our Drone Yatra’s journey in Maharashtra. So, it had to be something special, and special it was. Our final three demonstrations in Maharashtra were scheduled at Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Dhule a.k.a. Dhule Agriculture Institution; Parola, and Chalisgaon. We headed towards KVK for our first demonstration which had a substantial crowd gathered.

There were a lot of dignitaries present at the venue, including scientists, experts, the Dean of the institution, farmers, as well as media to cover the event. Post a successful demonstration which was witnessed by over 300 people including the students, everyone gathered in an Auditorium for a Q&A sessions since it was difficult to address everyone’s queries on the field.

Majority of the queries were surrounded around how the Drone Spray Services will be mobilized by Syngenta and if that is going to be a major driver for employment of the region’s youth. We provided them information about how Syngenta plans on providing the service in each part of Maharashtra and there will be many opportunities which will come up. Moreover, the farmers who were worried about the high cost of the drone, were put to ease when informed that this is going to be a service where Syngenta will procure and manage the drones. They only have to avail the service either via multiple Syngenta’s local touchpoints or via an application.

We moved further to Parola and Chalisgaon, conducting successful demos and informing farmers about Syngenta’s services. The farmers were very excited to know about the initiative and were eagerly asking about the start of service, raking in a lot of confidence for us in terms of the demand generation for the initiative. The events in both the locations were attended by the Agriculture Officers of the region which also helped gain more confidence of the farmers by the support showcased by the governing bodies.

Our Drone Yatra in Maharashtra has finally come to a closure, but this is not the end of the road as the journey is really long and exciting. We now move to the state of Madhya Pradesh where the Drone Yatra continues. Stay tuned!