Day 12: Jotpur, Balipur, Dhamnod – The Drone Yatra is Here in Madhya Pradesh!

Drone Yatra 2022

After a super successful Drone Yatra journey in Maharashtra, we moved to the beautiful Madhya Pradesh. It is majorly famous for its amazing street food, super nice people, and one of India’s major Tiger reserves. Apart from all this, it is also a major state for India in terms of Soya bean and Wheat production. One of India’s most popular and highest quality wheat produce comes from Madhya Pradesh.

We travelled from Dhule in Maharashtra where we concluded our final demonstration and travelled to Madhya Pradesh, starting our demos in the village of Jotpur, moving towards Balipur and Dhamnod. We were sure that the participation in Madhya Pradesh was going to be amazing, but the actual results were surprisingly overwhelming. The Sarpanch (leader) of the Jotpur was also present to witness the demonstration. This helped build Syngenta’s brand and service provider assurance in the minds of the farmers.

After our first successful demonstration in Jotpur, we moved to Balipur. Balipur was a great experience and some of the farmers who attended the demonstration had travelled over 50 kilometers to witness the event since we were not travelling to their village and they did not want to miss an opportunity to see a flying and functional drone. The farmers were inquisitive and interactive, asking loads of questions about the drone and Syngenta’s service offering. We answered all their questions regarding everything that Syngenta has to offer and also how we are constantly bringing in services and offerings for farmers to make their lives better.

We then moved to Dhamnod, our final demonstration for the day. We had a successful demo here on a Soya bean crop which is one of the major crops in the region. The response of the farmers was really great, especially them voicing their concerns of water shortages at times and the lack of labor availability. They were also very interested in knowing how the drone is able to reduce the water usage by up to 95% and how it doesn’t affect the crops of the efficacy of the products.

We wrapped our Madhya Pradesh Day 1 successfully and move on to Banedia for further demonstrations, stay tuned!