Day 8: Chette Pimplegaon, Badnapur, Kumbhari – A Visit by Students, Farmers and Many More!

Drone Yatra 2022

Today we had three cracking demonstrations that kept us charged up all throughout. Welcome to day eight (8) of the Syngenta Drone Yatra. We are currently in the Eastern part of Maharashtra as we visit various villages and farms, doing demonstrations of the drone for the farmers. Today’s visits were at Chette Pimplegaon, Badnapur and Kumbhari near Aurangabad and Jalna regions of Maharashtra.

We started our journey with Chette Pimplegaon, performing a demonstration for the farmers on a cotton field. It was a peculiarly windy day today, which raised multiple questions from the farmers if the spray from the drone was actually reaching the internal areas of the crop. Our team worked very closely with the farmers to ensure that the queries of the farmers were resolved, including an actual visit to the crop with the farmers to check if the crop was sprayed by the drone on all sides.

Our journey then moved to Badnapur where we were already expecting a huge crowd, and boy did we get it. Our demonstration was attended by over 75 farmers, along with students from the nearest agriculture institution, our local retailers and distributors and many more. It was a sight to behold as over 150 people enjoyed the drone demonstration and were talking about it for a really long time, asking questions to clear all their doubts. It is certain that Syngenta India is being carved into the minds of the farmers as a go-to service provider for drone spray services.

Our next location was at Kumbhari and our farm was right off the main market in a major chili producing region. We stumbled upon a lot of chili farmers present at our next farm who were there to trade their chili produce. We conducted a successful demonstration for them, after which they went ahead and checked the crop status of how the spray result was on the crop. They wanted to do this to check if the drone spray was compatible with their chili crop. This gave our team on the ground something to think about if the drone spray service can also include chili growers as well.

Our Syngenta Drone Journey continues as we move on to the next farms in Jalgaon, Maharashtra region. Stay tuned!