Day 57: Gangavathi – Bigger Drones with Bigger Tanks is a Challenge

Drone Yatra 2022

Drones come under the Ministry of Aviation and Defense, making it a challenge to create bigger drones, since the governing body has put in some restrictions on the drones to be made for farming purposes. Which is why the drones are made with smaller tanks since it makes them efficient, as well as lighter to maneuver. Welcome to Day 5 in Karnataka. Today we are in Gangavathi region for the drone demonstration.

We successfully completed the demonstration on a paddy field which was attended by a few KVK scientists and our Syngenta distributor network. Post that our interaction with the farmers began. Their major concerns were how to use the products in the drones and also how can they identify duplicity in the products available in the market. Syngenta has ensured duplicity is controlled by providing a Product Scan feature in the Cropwise Grower application.

In the application, farmers can scan the QR on the product label and check the details of the product. This will help them ensure the products they have are not duplicates. They should always ensure that the products they purchase are from Syngenta listed retailers, details of which are also available on the Cropwise Grower Application.

Post this we moved to our second demonstration location, another paddy field where eager farmers, excitedly enjoyed the demonstration and then we started the Q&A session. The farmers were curious to understand why the drones only have 10 liters of storage and not more.

We explained the reasons why the drones have to be of smaller capacity and how that is better in terms of operations. Larger tanks of up to 50 liters is not entirely feasible and hence they are not made.

We now move to Sindhnur for our last day in Karnataka. Stay tuned!

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