Day 58: Sindhnur – Thank You Karnataka; You Were Amazing!

Drone Yatra 2022

We are officially on our last day in Karnataka. This was going to be the end of our Drone Yatra, but no! We have a surprise for you. We will be heading to MH2 once again to cover the Vidarbha section. So you should stay tuned, as the Drone Yatra is not going to be over just yet. Welcome to Day 6 in Karnataka. We are in Sindhnur today for the drone demonstration.

When we began our interaction with the farmers after the demonstration, the farmers were curious to know how is it that only 10 litres of spray is equally effective as 200 litres of spray. We explained to them the concept of how the drone sprays versus how when they manually spray. The wastage factor is reduced to a bare minimum with drones which is on a higher side with manual sprays. Moreover, the spray from drones is more concentrated, making it much more effective even in smaller quantities.

The farmers were also interesting in acquiring drones and were curious about the subsidies. We provided them the information, but also explained how with Syngenta they do not need to acquire drones. Simply avail the service whenever needed. It is cost effective for them as well as easy to manage since there is no cost overhead to take care of the drones and its maintenance.

We now move to MH2, the final leg of our Drone Yatra. Stay tuned!

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