Day 56: Kawaloor – Farm Monitoring Drones Will Come Soon

Drone Yatra 2022

Drones have varied applications in the field. From spraying to monitoring and detection, the applications can be galore, but it is still time for the technology to be full-proof and its accuracy high. A lot of drone companies are already working on it, and once it is launched, farmers can make use of it. Welcome to Day 4 in Karnataka. We are in Kawaloor today for the drone demonstration.

Today we met up with a bunch of tech-savvy farmers who were looking for more from their drones. After our demonstration, when the Q&A session began, the farmers quickly put up the question to us, if they can monitor their cattle in the field using the drones. We did suggest them that instead of drones, wide-angle CCTV cameras at certain locations will help them better since using a drone will require a continuous moving pilot along with as well. Moreover, drones have limitations in terms of battery power, which is hamper continuous coverage of the cattle.

This actually is an interesting application though; CCTV monitoring of the fields can be used by farmers to keep a close eye on the field from their homes. It can be complicated to implement and the costs are high, but from an application standpoint, definitely a better solution than using drones.

We now more to Gangavathi for our Day 5 in Karnataka where we have a double header planned. Stay tuned!