Day 53: Talakatu, Uppanahalli – We Are in Karnataka

Drone Yatra 2022

Oh, what a journey it has been till now! We are in Karnataka, the state famous for its IT Hub in India as well as the city of lakes, Bengaluru. It is one of the busy states overall and ranks among the top states in terms of modern development and industrialization. But, it is also a state filled with farmers. Rice is a major crop in Karnataka, followed by maize and other cash crops such as cotton and pulses. Sugarcane and spices also account for a major chunk of the state’s agricultural output.

Today we are in Talakatu and Uppanahalli in Mysuru region of Karnataka. Our first destination is Talakatu where a large number of farmers and our distributor network was in presence for the demonstration. We completed the demonstration here and interacted with the farmers, to capture their views of the drone and clear their queries.

An interesting point came to the fore about powder products. Spraying powdery molecules mixed in water is a possibility, yes, but there is always a chance that the powder might not be dissolved very properly and that can cause a nozzle issue in the drone. Advanced products in the future that will 100% dissolve in water when they become available, can be used.

We then moved towards Uppanahalli for our second demonstration for the day. This was a tomato field which was great because we have had a lot of farmers ask us if the drone can work on tomato. This is a great chance to showcase this. We conducted the demonstration successfully and then started our interaction with the farmers.

The farmers were clearly impressed by the drone and were curious to know when the drone services will start in their region. We assured them that Syngenta working very hard to get the service to them as well as in many other parts of the country really soon. We then moved on, concluding for the day.

We now move near Bengaluru for our next demonstration on Day 2 in Karnataka. Stay tuned!