Day 52: Gobichettipalayam – Can Drones Also Cover Coconut Trees?

Drone Yatra 2022

Well, why not! Sounds pretty simple right? Just fly the drone over the tree and that is that. But if only it was that easy. These are just some of the interesting questions we deal with on our drone demonstration. Our journey continues as we have reached our final day in Tamil Nadu before we head into Karnataka.

Welcome to Day 4 in Tamil Nadu. The demonstration for the day is in a sugarcane field in Gobichettipalayam. It was a scenic farm with some coconut trees surrounding it. After the demonstration, we started our Q&A session with the farmers where we encountered some very interesting questions.

The farmers wanted to know if the drone would work on a banana field. Since banana fields are difficult to reach on the inside when they grow to full length, getting control of the pests can be a challenge for farmers. It is a very powerful use case for drones. They also wanted to know if drones can cover 50 acres of land. Yes, multiple drones deployed at the same time can handle the task with ease.

The next questions that came up was for the coconut trees. Farmers were curious if drones can spray on coconut trees. We had conducted an experiment for this in Maharashtra where we tried to spray on coconut trees, but it was not entire successful because of the wind factor. But if there are multiple trees in a series, then it would very well be possible to get it done.

We have now completed our Yatra of Tamil Nadu and now are headed into Karnataka. Stay tuned as we are at the final stages of the Yatra of the South and very close to the end of our Drone Yatra. Stay tuned!