Day 54: Bengaluru – No Reason to Worry Flowers

Drone Yatra 2022

Drones’ propellers rotate at a very high speed, the wind speeds being substantially high to ensure the drone can fly. Hence, it is always a cause of worry for farmers to use drones, especially during the flowering stage, as the flowers of the crops could be damaged and the yield reduced significantly. Welcome to the Drone yatra of the south. Today we are in Namma Bengaluru in Karnataka. Well, not in the main city and IT hub, but on the outskirts in Kadadenahalli and Marimakalapalli regions for the drone demonstration.

We started our first demonstration in Kadadenahalli on a tomato field. We completed a successful demonstration and then started resolving some of the farmer queries. The farmers were very inquisitive about if the drone can spray the tomato crop during the flowering stage safely. They were excited seeing the results that the drone spray did not damage a single healthy flower and now the farmers were excited for a whole new reason, to know when the spray service will be available to them. We assured them that Syngenta is hard at work to make it available for them ASAP. Post that we left for Marimakalapalli for our second demonstration of the day.

Here, we conducted a successful demonstration and then interacted with the farmers about how the drone functions, which all Syngenta products are currently compliant for drone usage, what’s the future roadmap like for the drone rollout and how soon they can except the drone service to start in their region. Post this we concluded for the day and proceeded to the next location for the next day.

Stay tuned for Day 3 in Karnataka!