Day 5: Adgaon, Varkheda, Mawadi – A Triple Header Demonstration Day

Drone Yatra 2022

As the Syngenta Drone Yatra is gaining pace with the news travelling to places that we are coming to farms and demonstrating the drone in action, our field team is having a literal field day which a lot of requests coming in from other regions as well to have a drone demonstration for them too.

We were not willing to disappoint our farmer friends and hence agreed to it, making this two-demonstration day, as planned, into a three-demonstration day owing to an addition of an ad-hoc location. Lucky for us, the third destination was near on the route we were following, hence, we were happy to oblige.

And it definitely did not surprise us with the warm welcome we received and the enthusiastic growers waiting in anticipation for us to arrive with the drone. A lot of growers there had already heard of the drone through some social media videos and a few news items about some farmers in nearby regions trying to create their own ingenious drones to ease the spraying process for the farmers.

This made this third demonstration even more special since the farmers were overjoyed in watching a working drone with hopes that Syngenta will be able to ease their spraying activity which is expected to benefit the farmers overall with quick and even spray, and the convenience and health benefits associated with it. The growers were full of great questions about the drone which our drone pilot was more than happy to answer it, making this visit and the day a raging success.

We started our day with the first demonstration at Adgaon, followed by Varkheda and Mawadi. Our Drone Yatra now moves from Nashik region towards Aurangabad, covering more farms on the way. Stay tuned as we are almost near the end of our MH1 journey.