Day 6: Dhundhkhed, Brahmangaon, Patane – A Visit from the Agriculture Minister of Maharashtra

Drone Yatra 2022

It is an absolute honor when the Government recognizes the efforts being put to empower our growers and we experienced it first hand when the Ex Agriculture Minister of Maharashtra, Hon. Dadaji Bhuse visited personally to witness our drone in action at our drone demonstration destination, Patane, Malegaon.

As our drone yatra moves forward to Dhundhkhed, continuing our successful drone demonstrations for our growers, we have been gaining a lot of traction with the local authorities as well. Now, the visit from the state’s ex agriculture minister himself is like a cherry on the cake for us, as a true testament of the work Syngenta India is doing for its growers.

Our interaction with the Hon. Minister at Patane, Malegaon was a very interesting one. He had many kind words to say about Syngenta India and how it has been working towards helping Indian farmers succeed with modern agriculture practices, top quality products and now with world class technology being used to make the lives of farmers better. With the Government of India pushing towards Make in India and Syngenta India partnering with an Indian Drone provider, was a matter of bigger pride for Maharashtra’s former Agriculture Minister.

Today we covered three regions on our Drone Yatra, Dhundhkhed, Brahmangaon and Patane where we conducted successful Drone demonstrations even though the rain seemed like it might play spoilsport for us. Luckily it stayed away for enough time for us to perform the demonstrations so that the growers were able to witness the entire functioning of the drone first hand.

A lot of growers had questions ranging from which crops the drone can spray on and how many Syngenta products are compatible with drone sprays. Our on-field team helped answer the farmers’ questions, as well as highlighted the fact that we are the first company in India to receive exclusive drone use permissions from the Government of India for Amistar Top via label extension to be usedon Paddy against Sheath Blight and there are many other products that will follow soon.