Day 4: Khadak Malegaon, Pimplegaon Baswant – Flying High Even When it Rains

Drone Yatra 2022

Our Drone Yatra travelled from Sangamner region to Nashik as we move towards our next destination for Drone demonstration. We arrived early at our demonstration farm in Khadak Malegaon since it was raining quite heavily and we needed to set up and ensure that we can carry out the drone demonstration at the very first window that becomes available.

We were expecting the rain to play spoilsport and not a lot of growers attending the demonstration, but we were pleasantly surprised by the overall turnout. Many growers attended the demonstration with a lot of excitement. The atmosphere was such, that the rain did not stop, but we could not disappoint the growers who were there, and hence decided to consult the drone experts and see if the drone could fly in light rain, and boy it did.

We ensured to take all possible precautions and care to safely demonstrate the drone and we managed to execute it successfully. The growers’ excitement knew no bounds and watching the drone fly. This open up to a lot of new questions about if the drone can fly and spray even when it is raining, and our experts managed to handle the question well, assuring them that it spraying in the rain will not bring in the desired effects from Syngenta or any other products. Hence, it is always recommended to spray the crops only when there is no rain, even a small window would help.

We also had a very spirited discussion with the growers about the drone, its various features and how it can be beneficial for the growers, which was met with equally strong affirmation from them. We then packed up and moved to our next destination, Pimplegaon Baswant.

Lucky for us, by the time we reached our demonstration farm, the rain had subsided. Even though the atmosphere was windy and humid and the farm wet, we were still able to conduct a successful demonstration. The turnout here was equally strong if not better and the growers were very excited to see the drone in action.

We also had a very lively discussion with the growers about the drone’s benefits as well as about various Syngenta products that they can use with the drone. Do enjoy the videos as we move towards our next destination in Nashik region.