Day 3: Sangamner, Maldad, Washere – A Demonstration for the Future Farmers of India

Drone Yatra 2022

The atmosphere is very different and buzzing electric when working around a young crowd. We experienced it first-hand when we visited the Shramshakti College of Agriculture in Maldad area of Sangamner. This was somewhat of an impromptu plan to visit the institute as it was not originally planned within our tour journey.

Upon reaching, the setting was breathtaking. The rains had stayed away and the sun was shining bright. Our Drone Yatra truck was sitting on the front ground, ready to amaze the crowds with the showcase of what Syngenta has to offer to our beloved growers. The backdrop of lush green hills made it to sight to take in by all senses. We were greeted by the college commitee and received a very warm welcome.

A surprisingly great thing about the visit to the college was that our visit coincided with the inter-college sports events which was being conducted in the institution, and a lot of students from other agricultural colleges in Maharashtra had travelled here, who also found a great opportunity to witness an agricultural drone live.

This demonstration did a world of good for the future of agriculture as they watched in awe of how the drone functioned and how it is such a great catalyst to bring in a change to the Indian agriculture ecosystem.

Our Drone demonstration was a huge success as students, professors and farmers alike provided a great response to the event. We got a chance to interact with some of the farmers who were curious to know more details about the drone and Syngenta. All in all, a wonderful experience to cherish for everyone present at the scene.

We further proceeded to a farm in Washere village in Akole taluka, about an hour’s journey from our Sangamner hub where we ran a demonstration for the farmers there on a soybean field. We demonstrated how drones can be a great tool for farmers who grow soybean and can help spray their entire field in a matter of minutes which otherwise would consume an entire day for them.

Stay tuned as the Drone Yatra moves to the holy land of Nashik.