Day 48: Nandiyal – Farmers Need Not Rely on Subsidies for Drone Spraying

Drone Yatra 2022

Drones are costly, and it is not possible or feasible for a regular farmer to invest in a drone, unless he/she has maybe 25 acres or more of land. In that case, the only way to go about which is also cost efficient is to use drones via a service provider. Though the Government of India have declared certain subsidies for farmers, it is still not recommended for small landholders to invest in a drone.

Welcome to Day 4 in Telangana. Today we are in Nandiyal for our drone demonstration in a paddy field. In attendance are the entire local government body which includes the MP of the region, Mr. Brahmanand Reddy, Additional Director, ADA, Agriculture Officer, Gram Panchayat Sarpanch, and their entire team of bureaucreats. We love it when the local government bodies are involved, provides meaning and a way of authenticity for the farmers too to trust it since it is being backed by the system.

We had a successful demonstration post which we took some questions for the farmers. They were all thinking about the subsidy on offer for drones. The Government officials were more than happy to let them know about the subsidies on offer, but we had better news for them. Farmers need not worry about subsidies anymore because we are providing the spray service for a very nominal cost to all farmers.

They can simply opt for the drone spray service from our Syngenta Cropwise Grower Kisan App and book their spray service anytime they want. This is true power of technology in the hands of the farmer. We now move on to the next region in the Yatra of the south. Stay tuned!