Day 47: Nandikotkur – Agri Officer Group Gives Us A Visit

Drone Yatra 2022

Touring the south of India is a completely different experience when compared to the north. The climate is different, the way people are, the food, their cultures, it is such a major shift to what we have been experiencing for a long time. It was worth mentioning how unique this experience is us, even interacting with our own teams from the south. Welcome to Day 3 in Telangana. Today we are in Nandikotkur for our Drone demonstration in our Drone Yatra.

Something worth mentioning, we had started the journey to cover 10,000 kms throughout, but our demonstrations have gained so much traction, and we have covered so many farmers, we have already surpassed our goals and are over-achieving them now.

Nandikotkur is a very scenic region where a lovely cotton field was awaiting our visit for a drone spray. We completed the demonstration and started our in-depth interaction with the farmers. There were seven Agri officers from the tehsils in that region also in presence to witness the demonstration. They had a few words to say about how the drones are game changers for the farmers and Syngenta’s initiative is helping provide access to this technology for every farmers.

The farmers were also excited, wanting to understand how the drones will be made available and what is the subsidy of it. They were interested in knowing which government scheme is going to cover the drones and bring it to them. We had a detailed discussion with them about how Syngenta is helping farmers get the drones and how they can make use of the drones on their field using Syngenta’s Cropwise Grower Application.

Post this we made a move to our next demonstration which is tomorrow. Stay tuned as we make way to Nandiyal for our Day 4 in Telangana.