Day 46: Gadwal – Crossing Milestones; Creating Memories; Bringing a Revolution

Drone Yatra 2022

Yesterday we missed acknowledging a major milestone. It was Day 45 yesterday as we entered Telangana for our Drone demonstrations. It has been a long journey, and we are almost at the last leg. It was an interesting day though, since we had started Telangana, we were approached by farmers with their questions about chilly farms and that became our next goal. Read on to know if we managed to find one.

Welcome to Day 2 in Telangana. Today we are in Gadwal, which is a village on the Telangana-Andhra Pradesh border. We reached a calm cotton field and set up for the demonstration. After completing the demonstration, the farmers started asking more questions about using the drone on chilly. And that is when we happened to notice a chilly farm nearby. It belonged to one of the farmers who was attending the demonstration.

We quickly sought his permission and flew the drone in his field to showcase how the drone performs on a chilly farm. The farmers were excited seeing the results and so were we. The entire farm was sprayed perfectly and not a single chilly crop was damaged even a bit. And then came an entire barrage of questions, when to spray, what to spray, what is the best time to spray on chilly. Our field team answered their questions, providing them a proper solution, post which we proceeded to the next demonstration.

We now move to Nandikotkur for our Day 3 in Telangana, stay tuned!