Day 49: Ponneri – Farmers Looking For Drones to Solve Problems

Drone Yatra 2022

Drones are probably the next best thing in farming, solving multiple problems with a single solution. Gone are the days for farmers when they had to spend thousands in labor and days on end to get the spraying done to protect their crop. We are glad to be part of the solution, bringing the change to farmers, making it accessible for all of them.

Welcome to Day in Tamil Nadu. Yes, we have covered Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in the Yatra of the South and are in Tamil Nadu. Our visit today is in Thiruvallur where we are conducting two demonstration. First farm of the day is a paddy field where we completed the demonstration successfully and took up farmer queries. Major ones included about the subsidy the government is giving on procuring drones.

We then moved on to our next location where also the farmers were interested in knowing the price of the drones. Drones are pricey and it is not practical for a farmer to buy one for himself, considering the overheads are substantially high. It is always a better idea to use drones from a service provider, which Syngenta is providing.

We now move on to Tanjaur for Day 2 in Tamil Nadu. Stay tuned!