Day 34: Muzaffarnagar – Does Drone Spray Impact a Farm’s Yield?

Drone Yatra 2022

This and many more interesting questions are a part of what happens in our day filled with demonstrations. It is interesting though! Welcome to day 2 in Uttar Pradesh (UP). We are headed to Muzaffarnagar and Bijnor for our demonstrations for the day where a lovely paddy field was waiting for us. UP is home to a lot of paddy being sown and grown during the Kharif season and we have reached here right on time when the field are lush green and glowing.

We started our first demonstration in Muzaffarnagar where we went through the briefing, demonstration and then the Q&A. A very interesting question we encountered was if drones would change the yield in comparison to other conventional methods of spraying. The answer is yes, the pest control through drones is much more effective, making the loss of crop less and hence the yield automatically witnesses a rise.

After this we moved on to our next demo location, Bijnor. Bijnor was a nice sugarcane field which helped us show the efficacy of drones in sugarcane. The spray is able to reach every corner of the sugarcane field where even humans cannot reach once the sugarcane grows to a certain height. The farmers were very happy seeing the results, but were worried about the cost of the drones. We put their doubts to rest that they do not have to purchase the drones, they can avail it as a service and only pay for the service based on the land and crops they have.

After successful demonstrations for the day, we now move to Moradabad for Day 3 in UP. Stay tuned and read the newspaper cutout of our demonstration being covered in the media.