Day 32: Karnal & Indri, Yamunanagar – The Last Stop on the Way UP (Uttar Pradesh)

Drone Yatra 2022

Welcome to Day 4 in Haryana of the Syngenta Drone Yatra. We are on our way to Karnal and Indri today followed by Yamunanagar where we will be ending our Haryana leg of the journey and move on to Uttar Pradesh (UP). It has been a long journey for us till now, starting from Maharashtra and moving towards Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab and now Haryana. We are pretty close to the halfway mark of our journey.

Our aim was to cover 10,000 kms in this Drone Yatra, but looking at the current numbers, it seems like we are more than halfway done to this. This is the power of our Yatra and the impact we are bringing to the farmers. The journey of impact made its way to Karnal and Indri for our first demonstration of the day. Attendees included 100+ farmers, distributor and retail network, staff from KVK and officials from the Department of Agriculture.

We concluded the event after the usual brief, demonstration, Q&A and then proceeded towards our last destination of Haryana, Yamunanagar. The event in Yamunanagar was attended by 100+ farmers, our distributor and retailer network, and officers from the region’s Department of Agriculture. The event was also a success and then we set towards our next destination, our next state, Uttar Pradesh. Stay tuned for the UP leg of the Drone Yatra and enjoy the images from Yamunanagar event in the meanwhile.