Day 31: Jind, Safidon – The Gloominess Cannot Gloom Us

Drone Yatra 2022

We set out for our Drone Yatra from Maharashtra in the peak of monsoon. We did face our set of challenges, but never did we encounter any issues in terms of demonstrations. We are ever so thankful to the rain gods for allowing us the windows of opportunities at the right time to conduct our demonstration. Now in Haryana, we are past the monsoon season and it was all happy sunshine for us throughout, or so we thought.

We did not consider the receding rainfall or some random spells of rains that happen at times might cause any issues to us. Today, we were at some risk of it. The clouds were in the skies and the atmosphere was gloomy. Felt like it might pour any second and we might not be able to fly the drone for the 150+ farmers who had gathered at the sight to witness a drone fly.

Welcome to day 3 in Haryana. Today we are on our way to Jind for our drone demonstration under the threat of rains playing spoilsport. We had our distributor network and retailers on site along with 150+ farmers present at the event. Considering that the rains have not spilled yet, we quickly moved to the demonstration first while we had the chance, completed it, and then proceeded for the briefing and Q&A.

With the event done before the rain came crashing down, we quickly proceeded towards our next location, Safidon. This was also a successful event where too the rains stayed away, allowing us to conduct a proper demonstration. There was some wind though which we were able to manage, thanks to the skilled drone pilot that was with us.

After a successful day today, we now move to Karnal & Indri for our 4th and final day in Haryana before we move to Uttar Pradesh. Stay tuned!