Day 30: Kaithal, Narwana – Farmers, Farmers, Many Farmers

Drone Yatra 2022

Our Syngenta Drone Yatra has received such great response from farmers everywhere, their excitement and energy has kept us going. We have completed 30 days of demonstrations today with many more exciting days to go. We are in Haryana, covering Kaithal and Narwana for our demonstrations of the day. We have noticed that a lot of government officials have started getting involved in our Drone Yatra and are making it a point to attend events in their regions. Today was no different. Welcome to day 2 in Haryana as we make our way to Kaithal.

Three officers from the Department of Agriculture of the region were present for the demonstration. Our distributor network was also at the scene along with a few retailers. But the mainstay of the event were the farmers. We had over 150 farmers present at the location. We quickly set up the drone and had a small briefing post which we went for the demonstration. The farmers and agriculture officers both were in awe of the technology, getting a chance to witness it with their own eyes. The excitement was visible in their expressions as well as the questions which they were asking later in the Q&A.

We them moved to our next location in Narwana which also had similar scenes. There were two agriculture officers, distributors, retailers and about a similar number of farmers as the previous event, maybe even more. We again went about our business of briefing and then demonstration.

There was also some media coverage of our demonstrations. You can view the coverage in the below mentioned links.

We now move towards Jind tomorrow for our further demonstrations. Stay tuned for Day 3.