Day 29: Pehowa, Cheeka – Dear Drones, Welcome to Haryana!

Drone Yatra 2022

The journey has been long, but we have made it here. Traversing through Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, and now we are here, in Haryana. The welcome was also something worthy to talk about. But, we will get there when we do. For now, a quick introduction.

Haryana is one of the major agricultural states for India in terms of food grains, cotton and sugarcane production. They contribute a major chunk to the overall produce. They are a forward state in terms of adopting technology since there is a substantial number of large holding growers. So definitely we were all very excited to be there.

Welcome to Day 1 in Haryana. Our destinations for the day were Pehowa and Cheeka. We reached our first location in Pehowa where we encountered a humongous crowd and a lot of dignitaries. The list included the brother of MLA from Pehowa, three officers from the department of agriculture, HAU Kaul Campus Director and two Scientists.

Our distributor teams of the region and over 250 farmers were present for the event. After a quick briefing, we headed out to the field for a demonstration, after which a Q&A session followed and then we proceeded towards the next location, Cheeka.

Cheeka was also a successful event where our distributor and retail network made their presence among 100+ farmers who attended the demonstration. The overall response from both events was good as the farmers are now eagerly waiting to avail the service now on offer in their regions.

We now more towards Kaithal for Day 2 in Haryana, stay tuned!