Day 28: Nabha, Patiala, Sangrur – Punjab’s Hospitality Has Won Us Over

Drone Yatra 2022

Throughout our journey till now, we have faced a lot of tough situations at times where we thought maybe today we might fail to provide a demonstration to the farmers. We never want to disappoint them at any cost since they have taken important time out of their work to be at the demonstrations. After all, it is for the farmers. Our journey in Punjab, luckily, had no such obstructions.

Welcome to day 4 in Punjab which is disappointingly also our last day in Punjab. Although we would have loved to stay back and do some more demonstrations here, but that would not be fair for our future demonstrations. Today we have a triple header as we go to Nabha, Patiala and Sangrur.

Our day started off in Nabha which was originally not in the plan, but owing to the overwhelming messages we received from farmers in the region asking us to conduct a demonstration for them, we were unable to say no, and hence managed to fit them into the schedule. This did make things a little tight for us to manage the other two planned locations, but we were up for the challenge to ensure things went by smoothly. The Nabha event was a great success. You can watch some glimpses from the event in the video link below.

After Nabha, we moved on to Patiala which was a challenging journey since we were already a bit delayed owing a long interaction with the farmers in Nabha. We did manage to reach Patiala on time for the second demonstration. Complete kudos to the farmers who waited at the location for us to reach and did not get disheartened as the sudden change of plans also meant they had to adjust their schedules accordingly. We were glad not to disappoint the farmers as we reached on time and conducted the demonstration successfully.

We then proceeded to Sangrur, the final destination in the Punjab leg before we move on to Haryana. The event in Sangrur was also an amazing one as we left the farmers and happy and hopeful that they will be able to use drones in their farms really soon, and they now know how it works and its overall effectiveness.

That was it from us at Punjab. We now move to Haryana to begin our next leg of India north. Stay tuned!