Day 27: Ludhiana, Khanna – The Heat Cannot Stop Us

Drone Yatra 2022

When it comes to conducting events on the field, nature’s moods are something we have to always contend with. When we began our journey, we were in the thick of monsoon and had to bear with a lot of rains which threatened our demonstrations from time to time. Luckily, they did stay away when needed and we managed to never miss any demos.

Now, in Punjab, we had a different mood to contend with, heat. We were witnessing the temperatures rise, but on this day, it was particularly hot. It was a good thing that our field team equipped the briefing area with overs and fans to ensure the farmers visiting for the demonstration were sitting comfortably and able to concentrate on the main topic on hand, drones.

Welcome to Day 3 in Punjab. Today our demonstrations were planned ion Ludhiana and Khanna. We began our day in Ludhiana where we reached for the first demo in the severe heat. We settled down for the briefing and then proceeded with the demo and Q&A. Today’s event was made special by the presence of a few dignitaries, the Chief Agricultural Offer and Agricultural Office of the region. Our field team consisting of DM Nagpal Sir, DML Deepak Sir, BM Vinod Sir, TSL Rama Kant, and ICS Sukhvinder.

Our second event for the day was in Khanna where over 50 farmers were present to witness the drone flying high and mighty, spraying the crops. It was an amazing experience for everyone and farmers in the region are looking forward to availing the spray service.

We now move to Nabha for our last day of the Drone Yatra’s Punjab leg before we move to Haryana. Stay tuned!