Day 26: Jalandhar, Kapurthla – Dignitaries Galore in Jalandhar

Drone Yatra 2022

I would not lie when I say, the Drone Yatra has gained so much traction and authorities have shown active participation in the demonstration events, it does make us feel proud of the achievement for the effort that has been put in. The story repeats, but the experience a new one altogether.

Welcome to Day 2 in Punjab for the Syngenta Drone Yatra. Today we are in Jalandhar and Kapurthla. Our first demonstration for the day was in Shahkot, Jalandhar, and boy, were there so many dignitaries present at the event. The list includes, Chief Agriculture Officer Dr. Surinder Singh, AO Dr. Surjit Singh, DSP Mr.Gurpreet Singh, and SHO Sukhdev Singh.

Apart from this, our traders network and over 250 farmers were also present for the event. We started with the customary briefing and then moved to the field for a demonstration. After a successful demonstration we returned back to the briefing area for a Q&A session where the dignitaries had a lot of interesting thoughts to share.

Some highlights from the event include mentions about how a company for the first time is going above and beyond for the farmers in a one of a kind activity. This technology is going to be a game changer in the farming and will open many opportunities for the youth as well since everyone is going to be using drones in the coming years and there be a need for drone pilots and the in the drone industry as a whole. There was also discussion about if drones can be put to more uses in agriculture than just spraying chemicals on crops.

With such a high, we packed up and moved on to our next location, Kapurthla. In Kapurthla too we had a successful event with many farmers present at the event and asked interesting questions about if they will have to buy the drones to use them. It was great for them to hear that they do not have make any investment for the drone. They can simply use the drones as a service and pay as per the usage.

Our drone yatra was also featured in the local news of the region. You can read up and watch the coverage in the below links:

We now move to the next day in Punjab for our next location, Ludhiana. Stay tuned!