Day 25: Malout, Bhathinda, Bagapurana – We are in Punjab!

Drone Yatra 2022

Our Drone Yatra has made it to Punjab, to wow the farmers in the region with our Drone Spray technology. Punjab is an important state for India for multiple reasons. Not only is it a major agriculture state, it also borders with Pakistan. Other than that, Punjab is also famous for being home to Sikhism, a religion in India, majority farmers in Punjab are Sikhs. They can be recognized from their turbans which is one of their signature marks.

Punjab was a challenge for us, since being close to an international border, the army controls a substantial part of the state. Owing to this, flying drones required special permissions from them which we had managed beforehand, thanks to our local team. Our plan for the day was three demonstrations in Malout, Bhathinda, and Bagapurana.

Our journey started in Malout, where the ground team had taken care of everything. A lot of important persons were being invited which automatically drew some media attention, as well as attention and intrigue of a lot of farmers. For the Malout event, we were blessed with the presence of Additional Deputy Commissioner, Mukatsar, Miss Rajdeep Kaur, Agriculture Chief, Mr Gurpreet Singh Brar, Agriculture Block Officer Malout, and Mr. Parminder Singh Dhanju, ICS.

Apart from that, our distributor and retailer network were also present at the event. A total of 170+ farmers were in attendance who were also connected with others at home via the phone or video calls. We started our initial briefing and then proceeded to the demonstration. The crowd was mesmerized watching the way the drone was spraying. The drone solves many on-field challenges our farmers face such as labor issues, time issues as well as product efficacy due to improper spraying.

We then proceeded towards Bhathinda which was also an equally successful event. Our last event in Bagapurana also had multiple highlights. Presence of dignitaries of the event included MLA Amritpal Singh and ICS Point Sushil Kumar and Vinod Kumar. Over 140 farmers and 12 dealers of the Syngenta network were present for the demonstration.

Our Punjab leg of the Drone Yatra started off on a high with a lot of media coverage also for the event. You can check them on the below link:

We now move to Jalandhar from here. Stay tuned!