Day 24: Bikaner – An Event to Remember Due to the Presence of Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal

Drone Yatra 2022

We have had amazing events throughout our Drone Yatra till date. Maharashtra was witness to a lot of government officials as well the Agriculture Minister Mr Bhuse attend an event. In Madhya Pradesh, Minister Kamal Patel attended an event. Today was made special by the visit of Hon. Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal. This is a Drone Yatra special.

Welcome to Day 5 in Rajasthan, the final day of our Rajasthan leg of the Drone Yatra before we move towards Punjab. We have made it a practice to end each leg on a high and today is that day. At out humble request, the Union Cabiner Minister of Parliamentary Affair and Culture, Mr. Arjun Ram Meghwal attended the Drone Yatra demonstration in Bikaner.

There were over 300 farmers present for the event, some of them travelling from villages nearby only to attend the event. The setup was grand with a dias and seating arrangements for the dignitaries, as well as proper seating arrangement for the farmers. When we reached the location, the arrangements were still underway and a lot of farmers had already started to make their way to the venue. We too started setting up our experience center and the drone in place and began an informal briefing for the farmers present there to keep them engaged until the chief guest arrived.

Slowly, one by one the crowd began to grow and then the wait started for the Minister to arrive. Meanwhile, the Associate Director of Agriculture, Mr R K Mehra also arrived for the demonstration. Soon Hon. Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal arrived at the event place and the proceedings started. We provided a detailed briefing to all the farmers and the minister and then proceeded towards the demonstration.

After the demonstration, the minister voiced his opinion about how the drone technology is a big revolution in the world of farming, lauding Syngenta for taking the initiative to bring the drones to them to showcase its prowess. This was an important step because without that, it was difficult for the farmers to adopt the technology and they would only witness it as an additional step in the farming process instead of a helping hand.

After a few more speeches and thanking the dignitaries, the event concluded and with it, our Rajasthan leg of the Drone Yatra. But this is not the end, as the event went far beyond just the demonstration. We were features in many media outlets as well. Here is a small glimpse.

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