Day 23: Ajmer, Tonk – Ajmer's BEO is Amazed Watching the Drone

Drone Yatra 2022

Everyone had heard about agricultural drones coming soon, but we at Syngenta brought them. This increased the excitement of growers and the regional authorities alike. At every demonstration we are conducting, the local government authorities have made it a point to attend the events. It was a similar event today as well.

Welcome to Day 4 in Rajasthan as we cover Ajmer and Tonk today with a fresh new outlook as we cover an interesting flavor of crops today. We are taking a different route from the regular paddy and groundnut, and spraying on Cauliflower and Black Gram. This was not only an interesting demonstration, but also an opportunity for our field team to gather some data about how the drone would perform on such crops. This information comes handy when the field team interacts with farmers in the region.

We started the day in Ajmer in a Cauliflower farm. We had a good gathering of farmers to watch the drone in action. Our dealership network were also present to see the new initiatives Syngenta is bringing to support them as well. But, more importantly, the Block Education Officer of the region was also present for the demonstration. We proceeded with the briefing and demonstration post which we had an interesting discussion with the BEO.

He made some interesting points about how the new technology and innovations in the field of agriculture should be made a part of the curriculum so that the students will be up to date with the latest developments in the field when they graduate. This will help make them job ready right from college with minimal needs for additional training to be capable individuals.

We then moved further to Tonk for the next demonstration of the day which was planned on a Black Gram field. The demonstration went by without the hitch and provided us key insights into the performance of drone sprays on such crops. The results were very promising and assuring that the application of drone sprays is not limited to only one crop.

We reached the end of Day 4 in Rajasthan. Stay tuned to Day 5 which is going to be an absolute delight because we have something great planned for it. Make sure not to miss it!