Rice crop management

Rice Crop Managment


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How to Maximize Rice Yield Potential?


Hectares of land for rice


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Key rice pests damaging quality and yield


What are the Key Rice Pests Affecting Your Yield?

There are 5 key pests detracting from yield and rice quality that attack your crops during the different phases of the rice crop cycle. Each pest should be managed in a specific way to ensure the best return on your efforts.

Here is an overview of the crop cycle stages and the pests associated with each phase. To get more details on each pest, their impact and best management approach, click through to each of the phases.


Phase 1: Setting a Strong Foundation

Phase 2: Finishing Strong With High Quality-Grain

What Your Peers Say About Proper Rice Pest Management?

“There were lot of problems with rice crop. We used to spray frequently but it did not affect anything at all… Amistar Top results were great so for the past 2 years I have been spraying Amistar Top on the entire farm.”

- Gurmeet Singh, Lukkhi

"In the past we suffered through sheath blight disease in our farm. We were tired of using various types of products to get rid of it. We even sprayed them 3 - 4 times, which increased the labour cost." After we started using Amistar Top we got more yield, and more value in the market.

- Dhillon Chandrakar, Dahdaha