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Pack size: 
160 millilitre, 500 millilitre and 1 litre
Suspension Concentrate (SC)
Mode of action: 
Revus inhibits the biosynthesis of phospholipids and cell wall deposition, thus effectively inhibiting the germination and spread of fungus

  • Revus is a unique contact and translaminar fungicide used for management of Downy Mildew and Late blight especially on Fruits and Vegetables
  • Due to its unique Lok & Flo feature, it provides complete protection and safety to the crop
  • Revus provides effective protection to the new growth, tender leaves and buds
  • Rapid flow of Revus to the leaf ensures a quicker protection shield as well as protection from rains




Revus delivers Peace of mind to the grower, due to its

  1. Highly effective activity on the target fungus
  2. Complete protection against the fungus
  3. Stops the secondary spread of the fungus
  4. Suitable rain fastness

Implementation particular terms

For better disease management, it is advisable to use Revus is preventive spray programme.
For Grapes first application of Revus should be done at bud bursting stage, followed by repeat application as per the protocol
In Vegetables, Revus should be applied at Initiation of reproductive stage, which generally co-insides at 45-55 Days after transplanting

Mixing and spraying

0.8 ml of Revus with 1 litre of water