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50 millilitre, 100 millilitre, 250 millilitre, 500 millilitre and 1 litre
Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)
Mode of action: 
Score stops the development of fungi by interfering with the biosynthesis of sterols in cell membranes, thus inhibiting the growth of fungus at every point of growth in the plant system

  • Score is amongst the world's best selling Triazole, owing to its precise effectiveness and wide target range
  • It has a unique property of resting and acting inside the plant system, thus effectively killing the fungus present on every layer of the plant system
  • It is effective on a wide range of diseases from Powdery Mildew to Anthracnose to Scab on a wide range of crops from Field Crops to Fruits and Vegetables.

Score provides more to growers: It is reliable and economical, providing high returns. Score protects the new growth from within, thus making the crop completely free from diseases; produce is neat and clean. Due to its curative activity, Score is able to eliminate the fungus already present in the plant system, thus giving a complete protection to the crops.

Score should be used at the rate of 1 ml/lt of water. The rate of usage in different crop for effective disease management is as below

Crop Disease Dosage
Apple Scab 15 ml /100 l water
Groundnut Leaf spot and rust 100 ml /100 l water
Cumin Blight & powdery mildew 50 ml /100 l water
Onion Purple blotch 100 ml /100 l water
Chilli Die back and fruit rot 50 ml /100 l water
Rice Sheath blight 15 ml /100 l water
Pomegranate Fruit rot 100 ml /100 l water
Grapes Anthracnose and powdery mildew 30 ml /100 l water


Implementation particular terms

For better disease management, it is always advisable to use score is preventive spray programme.

  • No phyto-toxicity has been reported, when Score is uses at recommended dose on target crops