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Folio Gold

Folio Gold

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Syngenta India Ltd
Pack size: 
250 millilitre, 500 millilitre and 1 litre
Class of danger: 
NANUM number: 
CIR - 1531 /2014 (346) Metalaxyl-M + Chlorothalonil (SC) -01
Suspension Concentrate (SC)
Mode of action: 
Folio Gold is a combination of multisite fungicide and site specific Phenly aminde group

Folio Gold bottle

  • Folio Gold is a combination of contact and systemic fungicide
  • It is effective on all four groups of fungus
  • It is a pure isomer of Metalaxyl, with no wastage

Folio Gold delivers a positive start to the crop:

  1. Effective on a wide range of fungus from lower to higher groups
  2. Protects the crops from the existing fungus present in and/or on the plant system
  3. Protects the buildup of the fungus
  4. Folio Gold provides a strong foundation to the crop to fight against the disease, thus helping the crop to express its full potential


Class of danger


Hazard Statements

  • Moderately Toxic

Other Restriction of Use

No specific antidote is known. Apply symptomatic therapy.

Implementation particular terms

Folio Gold should be applied 25-35 days after transplanting. By providing protection against a wider group of fungus, it gives the crop a positive start

Mixing and spraying

Use 2 ml Folio Gold per litre water. It is important to ensure application is done on the the complete crop canopy by using minimum of 200 litres of water per acre

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