Day 43: Jakkepalli, Kusumanchu – Farmers Are Worried For Their Yield

Drone Yatra 2022

Diseases and pests are major issues for farmers across the globe. It is difficult to keep track of them actively, and the only way to go about it is by taking the right precautions. Syngenta has some precautionary solutions, but for that, time is a crucial factor. Covering a vast amount of land in a short span is not practically feasible unless there is a solution to do that. Lucky for the farmers, we are currently doing a ‘Yatra’ with it.

Welcome to Day 3 in Andhra Pradesh. Today we are in Jakkepalli and Kusumanchu for our two demonstrations for the day. We started out at Jakkepalli where a group of agricultural department officials and the local gram panchayat members were present at the event along with 80+ farmers. We provided them with the demonstration, answered their questions and moved to the next location, Kusumanchu.

We reached our next location which was a cotton field. We provided the demonstration to the farmers and completed a successful event there. An interesting question that popped up during the day’s demonstration was if drones can impact the yield of the farmer.

We have encountered this question before, but that point of view was different. The farmers were worried about the pests and diseases impacting the crop, but also looking for solutions to provide the right nutrition to the crops. We gave them a viewpoint of how drones can also be used to spray nutrients on the crop such as water-soluble fertilizers, nano-urea and similar other solutions that are coming up in the market.

We now move to Erragada for our 4th day in Andhra Pradesh. Stay tuned!