Day 42: Modukuru – Explaining the Resources a Drone Consumes

Drone Yatra 2022

Farmers are one such species that can get the most things done with the least amount of resources. They are this resource light because they know how to get things done in less resources as they are always lacking them most of the times. This is especially true in the case of small landholding farmers. Today, we met some much farmers who had major resource struggles and were worries how much of their resources might be needed for them to use drones.

Welcome to Day 2 in Andhra Pradesh. Today we in Modukuru for our only demonstration of the day. We have the agriculture department of the region in presence today for the drone demonstration. We are spraying a paddy field with a drone today where many farmers who have seen certain videos online are worried that the drone will damage the crop with the high pressure its propellers exert.

We set up and conducted a demo for the farmers and put their worries to rest seeing that the drone did not damage any of the crop. Some farmers asked an interesting question, how much does the drone consume per acre. This was overall, in terms of water, chemicals, electricity and so on. We tackled the question well, ensuring the farmers were at ease knowing that they do not have to worry about anything else except for the Syngenta products they want sprayed on their crops.

Since Syngenta is bringing drones as a service, we will be taking care of all the batteries and logistics and so on. The farmer only has to pay for the area that is to be sprayed and the cost of the products, which is also less owing to lesser consumption via drones. With this successful demonstration, we move on to the next destination Jakkepalli for Day 3 in Andhra Pradesh, stay tuned.